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Comphy is the inventor and leader of the spa linen industry. Their sheets are so insanely soft that they were forced to develop home linens out of the sheer demand from spa clients who wanted to bring the luxury home. In order to prepare Comphy for the consumer market, Sharon led the creative team at Left Brain Right Brain on a whole new branding effort with a logo refresh, including all new collateral materials and a brand new e-commerce website.

Logo Refresh & tagline


Because the logo was easily recognizable as the leader in the spa linen industry, the team didn’t feel it was wise to walk away from it completely. Instead, the integrity of the iconic mark was kept, along with an update to the font and name placement.

The tagline joins the signature softness of the product to the luxury positioning that is inherently implied by connecting the brand to the spa industry.


Through all new photography that combines the elegance of a luxury product with the ‘comfy’ soft touch, the new brand is meant to feel approachably upscale, invitingly tactile, and friendly. The use of fun headlines to highlight the benefits of softness and sustainability help to create a new voice for the brand.

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